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TEDxPSU – Catching the Fastest Particles in the Universe

What are ultra-high energy cosmic rays? Where do they originate? How do they get accelerated? Why should we care, and how might answering these fundamental physics questions improve our quality of life? Prof. Miguel Mostafá, the PI of AMON, answers these questions, in this entertaining TEDxPSU talk. Targeted at non-physicists, but equally thought provoking for […]

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LIGO detects gravitational waves

AMON would like to congratulate Prof. Chad Hanna, and his team for their contribution to the observation of gravitational waves from colliding black holes, with LIGO! Chad, currently assistant professor of physics at Penn State, is the co-chair of the compact binary coalescence working group  in LIGO. In addition Chad, and graduate student Cody Messick, are […]

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AMON receives Swift Cycle 12 Award

Congratulations to Azadeh Keivani and the AMON team for a successful Swift Cycle 12 guest investigator proposal! The proposal, “Seeking the sources of the highest-energy IceCube neutrinos with Swift,” provides Keivani and her co-investigators access to Swift observing time.  Each time IceCube detects a track-like High-Energy Starting Event, which has a high probability of having […]

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The Auger contribution to AMON

The Pierre Auger Collaboration, gathered recently in the AugerPrime Symposium, in Malargüe, Argentina to celebrate 15 years of achievements, and the new International Agreement for the next 10 years. In the symposium, the Observatory’s upcoming upgrade was presented to representatives from all countries participating in the experiment, and scientists from other experiments, like IceCube. The […]

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First AMON alerts broadcast in real-time!

As of May 27th, when AMON sent the first real-time alert to the Gamma-ray Coordinates Network (GCN), the AMON real-time phase has officially begun! Currently, every time the IceCube neutrino detector detects two or more neutrinos within a 100 second time window, with arrival directions separated by 3 degrees or less, an AMON alert is […]

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